Antiques to sell?

Hidden treasures in your home.


If you’ve been having a sort out at home, have inherited some items you don’t really want, or are downsizing a collection, we buy all sorts of interesting antique and vintage items.  It is a great way of having a clear out and allowing the items you no longer want to be passed on to someone who will love them and allows you to make some extra cash in the process. 


Hidden gems are not always in plain sight all over the house.  Silver photo frames, trinket boxes, candlesticks, teapots, milk jugs and jewellery boxes often contain pieces that you no longer wear.  Desks can often hide vintage pens, pencil sharpeners, stamp cases and old inkwells.  Sewing items such as thimbles, needle cases and pin cushions which you no longer require.  It is always worth having a good look around.  Inherited silver Christening sets, tankards and eggcups may not be used, however, they are great items to be resold.  There is a great trend these days to wear vintage costume jewellery rather than purchasing new, recycling and helping the planet.

To check if items are solid silver, first have a look for the Lion Passant (1) which indicates it is sterling silver.  Next look for the assay office mark (2) in this case an anchor (2) means it originates from Birmingham. The alphabet letter mark dates the item, each letter standing for a particular year (3) and initials are the silver makers mark (4). Silver plated items are made from a base metal with a layer of silver applied. You may find the letters EPNS which stands for electroplated nickel silver on plate.



If you have any of these the following items or others which you think may of interest to us and you wish to sell just give us a call on 01394 387210, let us know what you have and we will arrange an appointment for you to bring them in.


  • Vintage and antique ladies and men’s jewellery including, brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and cufflinks made from gold or silver. In particular with enamel, gems or Scandinavian silver pieces.
  • Antique and modern silver e.g., tableware, vesta cases, desk items, photograph frames, novelties, christening sets and cutlery.
  • Ladies’ accessories e.g., hat pins, compacts, mirrors & dressing table bottles.
  • Sewing related items e.g., thimbles, needle cases and pin cushions.
  • Desk items e.g., letter openers, pens, pencils and inkwells.
  • Antique and vintage costume jewellery.
  • Antique glass in particular purple, green, cranberry & blue.