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Rare Antique French 800 grade silver Vesta Case with tiger stripe decoration and makers mark Prudent Quitte registered in Paris 1882

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A rare and collectable antique silver Vesta Case. The maker is the highly esteemed silversmith Prudent Quitte who worked from 42 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in Paris and was first registered in 1882. The marks for Prudent Quitte are clearly visible featuring the initials and revolver on the lip of the case beneath the hinged lid.  The Tiger decoration, in gilded stripes, to both sides of the Vesta, is extremely unusual.  Made from French 800 grade silver.

A fabulous item from a wonderful silver maker!

Condition:  In great antique condition (there are a couple of very small slight dents to the surface on the back of the vesta case near to the lid, and some very light surface scratches, commensurate with age and mentioned for accuracy).

Maker's Mark:  Prudent Quitte of Paris.

Measurements:  Height:  4.6 cm     Width:  5cm   Depth:  1 cm

Weight:  26 grams

Weights and measurements are approximate.