Rare Victorian novelty silver fan design Propelling Pencil registration mark 18th November 1879 by Sampson Mordan

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A rare and interesting novelty antique Propelling Pencil, made by the renowned silversmith:  Sampson Mordan.    The pencil is in the form of a fan which opens with a slide action to reveal the pencil end.  The silver is beautifully engraved.  When the pencil is fully extended the mark for Sampson Mordan is revealed along with a diamond registration mark giving the exact date of 18th November 1879. The pencil is not hallmarked, however, has been tested and is silver. 

A wonderful item, fabulous for a collector and in super antique collector's condition.

Period:  Victorian

Maker:  Sampson Mordan 

Measurements (before extending) :  Length:  5.8 cm  (inc. loop).   Width at widest part:  8.3 mm

Weight:  10.9 grams      

Weights and measurements are approximate.