Rare Victorian white metal circular 'Wheel' Pin Cushion. Beautifully decorated.

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A very rare, Victorian  'Wheel' Pin Cushion.  The wheel is white metal (no hallmarks visible but looks like silver) and is beautifully decorated either side with attachment to allow the wheel to spin around,  joined to a small chain with a loop at the end.  Sandwiched in-between the metal is purple velvet padding, where pins can be embedded (this padding is slightly worn, commensurate with age and use). 

This is an unusual pin cushion - fabulous for a collector, and in lovely condition (wear to the padding as mentioned above, metal work in great condition).

Period:  Victorian.

Measurements:  Diameter width:  2.9 cm.      Length of chain including loop:  5 cm

Weight:  13 grams

Weights and measurements are approximate.