Silver heart shaped Box with gilt interior. Queens silver Jubilee hallmark London 1977

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An exquisite solid silver heart shaped box.  Beautiful decoration to the top and sides with an empty cartouche in the centre and a basket weave  pattern to the sides.  The lid is hinged and opens and closes perfectly.  When opened the lovely deep gold gilt interior is revealed, along with the hallmarks with Queen's Jubilee hallmark London 1977 and the silver maker's mark:  A Chick & Sons Ltd.

The fine quality of the craftmanship is very apparent - beautifully made, and very nicely proportioned!

Would make a delightfuly gift!

Condition:  In great condition.

Hallmarks:  Queen's Jubilee hallmarks London 1977 by A Chick & Sons Ltd.

Measurements:  Height:  2.6 cm   Width at widest part:  4.9 cm     Depth:  5.3 cm     Weight:  33.3 grams (a good heavy gauge).

Weights and measurements are approximate.