Striking exceptionally fine quality Edwardian Locket with ornate initials engraved to front & 1883-1908 around edge. Marked 18 to loop & tested 18ct gold

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A very striking  18ct yellow gold Edwardian locket.  The quality of this item is outstanding.  In the form of a perfect circle, the locket is discreetly hinged on one side, enabling a perfectly smooth edge around the circumference.  The front of the locket is beautifully engraved with ornate initials (see images).  Around the circumference engraved dates are visible: 1883 - 1908. (possibly suggests a 25th wedding anniversary gift). There is a good loop at the top for attachment, which is marked 18 (18ct gold).  Although other marks are not visible, the locket has been tested and is 18ct gold. When opened two frames are revealed for photograph placement (there are two original photos of a lady and gentleman in situ.)

The ability of the craftmanship of the maker is apparent - a wonderful antique locket.

Condition:  In wonderful antique collector's  condition.

Measurements: Diameter width:  2.2 cm    Depth:  3.6 mm

Weight:  8.14 grams  (a good heavy weight).

Weights and measurements are approximate.