Vintage marquetry House Puzzle Box - 3 movements c. 1930

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A wonderful vintage wooden parquetry puzzle box, circa 1930's.   This lovely box comes in the form of a house.

At first glance one wonders how the box opens and this is the puzzle (the images help explain).  Instructions are: Slide the protruding roof over and this will enable the whole of the roof to slide over and the back wall to slide up, enabling access to the inside of the box.  (3 movements to solve the puzzle.)

A fabulous item, would make a superb gift for anyone intrigued by puzzles! 

Condition:  In lovely vintage condition.

Measurements:  Height:  11.3   Width:  8.8 cm   Depth:  8.8 cm

Weight:  177 grams.

Weights and measurements are approximate.